The Golden Land…


Myanmar, or Burma, remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, a land of breath-taking beauty and charm. It stretches out from the sparkling Andaman Sea in the south, to the impressive Eastern Himalayan mountain range.


Three mountain chains divide Burma’s three river systems and fertile plains. Much of Myanmar’s environment and ecosystems is preserved. Virgin jungles, snow-capped mountains and pristine beaches, make up for a paradise for the adventurous traveller. Forests cover over 49% of the country and typical wild jungle animals, particularly tigers, leopards and elephants, still roam around, though encounters are unlikely.


Sitting at the crossroads of Asia’s great civilisations of India and China, Myanmar is one of South East Asia’s most diverse countries. It is home to a great variety of ethnic groups (more than 135!) that all contribute to a rich heritage, with spectacular monuments and ancient cities, and a vibrant culture, with elaborate traditions, rituals and festivals.


Wherever you go in Myanmar, there is always a feeling of adventure. But above all, Myanmar offers one of the warmest welcomes in Asia.

What To See & Do
    • Fly over the thousands of temples of Bagan in a hot air balloon
    • Antiques shopping
    • Visit local markets, floating gardens, and temple ruins at Inle Lake
    • Mrauk U medieval town and little frequented pagoda sites
    • Colonial architecture in downtown Yangon
    • Shwedagon Pagoda
    • Beaches of Ngapali or Ngwe Saung
    • Local village lifestyle
    • Horsecart ride through the ancient capital of Inwa
When To Go

Myanmar is generally considered to have three seasons: hot season usually from March-April, rainy season from May-October, and cool season from November-February.


In Myanmar’s lowlands, hot season temperatures can climb as high as 40°C in Yangon, and are accompanied by cloudy, rainy, humid weather. The cool season comes with mild temperatures (19°C to 32°C), and less clouds and rain, and lower humidity. Mandalay is slightly cooler in the cool season, with temperatures falling as low as 13°C.


The climate varies in the highlands depending on elevation, ranging from subtropical temperate climate at around 2,500m, to cold, harsh tundra and Arctic climate above the alpine zone. The very high elevations are subject to heavy snowfall and bad weather.

In the highlands winter temperatures can fall below 10°C at night, with daytime temperatures mostly very pleasant, rarely climbing above 32°C. In the Shan state at higher elevations temperatures can fall to near freezing point in December and January. Near the Indian border there are mountains which are permanently snow-capped throughout the year.