The Hidden Paradise!


Located in the historically romantic South Pacific Ocean, are the more than 800 stunning volcanic islands and islets that constitute The Republic of Fiji Islands. The largely uninhabited islands have a spectacular geography, with mountains that rise abruptly from the shore, fine sandy beaches, navigable jungle rivers, and inlands that are covered with dense tropical rainforests and coconut plantations.


Its warm, crystal clear waters are home to a great diversity of soft corals as well as big ocean dwellers, and an underwater photographer’s dream. Its gentle surf and deep blue Ocean provide fantastic water sports and fishing opportunities.


Fiji has been inhabited since the second millennium BC. Voyaging traders and settlers from the west first visited the archipelago about 5000 years ago. Constant warfare and even cannibalism between warring tribes was part of everyday life. However, those days lie long behind. Under the influence of indigenous, Indian, Chinese, European and Pacific neighbours’ traditions, an exotic mosaic of Fijian culture and national identity developed. Today, the inhabitants of Fiji are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and will always greet the visitor with a sincere “Bula!”


The islands’ miles and miles of pristine natural beauty, heart-warming hospitable people and their beautiful culture, romantic beaches with swaying coconut palms and golden sunsets, variety of superb accommodations, and array of relaxing adventure activities, make Fiji the picture-perfect destination for even the most discerning traveller.


A piece of heaven on earth, Fiji will give you the tropical experience of a lifetime!

What To See & Do
    • Scuba diving with sharks or swimming with manta’s in Fiji’s fantastic underwater playground
    • Celebrate your wedding or renew your vows on a private island
    • Whale watching and big game fishing
    • Explore the inland tropical forests during an adventurous hike
    • Island hopping by luxury sailing yacht
When To Go

Fiji has a tropical marine climate. Most time of the year it is warm, with only slight temperature variation. In the warm season, from November until April, temperatures average 26°C. The cool season from May to October knows average temperatures of 22°C. The temperature extremes rarely deviate from their 26°C to 32°C range.


Rainfall is variable, the warmer season experiences heavier rainfall, especially inland. Cool, moderate winds blow year round. Tropical cyclones can occur sporadically from November to April.


Probably the best time to visit Fiji is from late March to early December.