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You’ve got the ring! It's time to plan... First step: Decide where to go. We’ve rounded up some of the incredible destinations around Asia eager to host your big day.

Photo Courtesy of Cheese N Click

Are you looking for a romantic, rustic, and entirely unique wedding?
Something particular due to its remote location, that will last a lifetime...
Why not try it in a conservation area of Indonesia?

Photo Courtesy of Eric Ronald Photography

See the infinity with the most special one before saying yes, at the scenic heights of Wanaka New Zealand.

3. Underwater wedding

The question is: How deep is your love?
No limits of imagination are known!
There are several fascinating underwater spots for an extraordinary wedding at Asia and Pacific region.

Photo Courtesy of @adamoprisphotography

4. Great Wall of China

In the frames of "The lovers", performance artists Marina Abramović & Ulay walked the Length of the Great Wall of China from opposite ends, met in the Middle and Broke up, ending 12-years of intense personal love and shocking art collaboration.

Let's bring this break up to new levels and get married in the middle of this UNESCO World heritage site!

Photo courtesy of Chris Huang

5. Mount Everest 

Dare to follow the tracks of the legendary couple: James Sissom and Ashley Schmieder on Mount Everest?

Photo courtesy of @charletonchurchill