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Beauty is subjective dmASIAtravel is featuring some beautiful people in this post. 

Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.

- Markus Zusak

1. Dance of the gods, Bali

Rejang Bali's "dance of the gods" usually performed in temple's inner sanctum, brings real enchantment to all
Note: Word rejang means offering in Balinese. Traditionally beautiful, virgin girls offered themselves to the gods with this sacrificial dance.

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2. Amazons of Pakistan

These amazons who are claiming to be descendants of Alexander the great, won't rely only on their beauty.
They will literally take things in their hands:
When the time comes Kalash women of Pakistan will select their husbands and if it doesn't work out they will look for another one.

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- Marres education, - Manalhmadkhan, - Yodod

3. Beauty can be a real burden

Apatani women were known for their legendary beauty it is said that men of other tribes would often kidnap them so the Apatani men came to the idea to tattoo their faces and make them wear massive nose plugs (from bamboo) in order to make them less appealing

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4. Geishas of Kyoto

What comes first on your mind about beauty and Kyoto?
Geishas are legendary artists of traditional Japanese beauty of existence. Every single move of these women is pure art.
"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players" ~ Shakespeare
What's your role today?


5. Receipt of flawless, beautiful skin

Have you ever heard of legendary Burmese secret ingredient of flawless, beautiful skin❔

Thanaka powder of Myanmar is known for it's amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, shooting and even rejuvenating features.
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5. Whang Od

Meet the 92 years old Whang Od who is the last Kalinga tattoo artist

In Kalinga culture tattoos communicate the status in the local communities.