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According to Lonely Planet’s survey, Bangkok tops the world as the best city to visit if you’re a food lover. 

Are you ready to put on some extra weight with us? Then let's  go and try some of the absolutely best street foods of Thailand!

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On the photo above: Mae Varee's famous Mango, sticky rice with coconut milk - which is considered as one of the best ones you can get in Bangkok - can be found at Sukumvith, soi 55th in Bangkok. Never get this one if you aren't a fan of sweet, delicious  desserts. But if you are, then go ashed! Absolutely a must when in Thailand!


1. Dried squid 

Ever wondered what these are? Chewy, crispy, dried squid bites! Most often you can meet these at the beaches. Usually they will grill these i front of you in the sand. It could perfectly fit with somtam. I prefer these, because it will take a longer time to consume and the pleasure will last longer. Extra tip: Don't eat these before a romantic date! They might be even banned in some hotels because of the "remarkable" odor.  Once I was asked to leave the hotel room with my dried squid.

Photo Courtesy of @bell_jaru

2. Coconut ice cream

When it comes to Thai street food Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok is the place to go!
Authentic Thai coconut ice cream is something you won't forget!

What makes Thai coconut ice cream different from all the other ice creams is the use of rich coconut cream as its base instead of the usual cow’s milk. The creamy coconut base is generously sprinkled with real coconut bits whose texture is a wonderful contrast against the smooth creaminess.

Photo courtesy of @ahkittt.yan

3. Khanom Babin 

This dessert, a tiny, melting young coconut, rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and egg cake is less known among the younger generations but still you can get them in most of the local stalls or vendors, for example at Ampawa or Damnoen Saduak, floating markets. Connect the foodies pleasures with sightseeing, sounds good? Essence of sweet, traditional Thai dessert Khanom Babin with this smile as bonus. Heartwarming.

Photo courtesy of @drummermurek

4. Thai Crispy Pancakes (ka nom beuang)

The history of khanom buang, or Thai crispy pancake, goes as far back as 600 years ago.

It is a traditional sweet street food that entails meticulous preparation. The crispy crepe is made of rice flour, which serves as a delicious vessel to rich meringue topped with candied duck egg yolk.

They say that the best cooks of khanom buang are the elderly, whose ancient recipe they have passed on from generation to generation. C: travelvui

5. Roti

Uncertain about you... but it happens quite often with me when in Thailand:
Ending up with these 35 THB around roti's (Thai pancake) at Saturday night!
I guess that's one thing to blame why dieting would never work out on a Thai holiday.
Milk-egg-banana combination is my personal favorite. Which is yours?

6. Khao Soy

Don't leave Chiang Mai, Thailand without trying this wonderful, coconut curry. It has a distinct taste when compared to other Thai curries and that is because it originally came from Burma. The use of herbs and spices gives it a flavor akin to Indian cuisine, especially the use of cardamom and turmeric. It can be made with different meats but is most often seen with chicken, owing to its Burmese Muslim roots.
Would you consume it "phed" or "phed nid noi" maybe ... "mai phed" ? - to find out more watch the video.

7. Kanom Krok

If you are wandering around Thai streets, sooner or later you will bump into Kanom Krok. These are slightly sweet, softly, melting, pudding-like, tiny "pancakes" made from coconut. Almost feel them in my mouth! Thai people love to eat these in the mornings with some coffee or milk tea.

8. Somtam 

Have you ever tried the famous Thai, green papaya salad ( #ส้มตำปูปลาร้า ) somtam?
There are several ways to prepare it: versions made of papaya and cucumbers are among the most popular ones. Depending on your taste you can consume more, less or extremely spicy. I saw some Thai people who ate them with 22 chilies although most of them will ask it with around 3 to 5 ones. There is an option to eat it with raw, fermented fish or black crabs. Beware with this as most of the foreign people's tummies will be upset after this, even some Thai people will get sick after. These raw ingredients can also contain some dangerous parasites. So the best option is to go with a traditional Somtam which is made from raw grated papaya mixed with small tomatoes, long beans, peanuts, dried shrimps, chili and garlic... seasoned with coconut sugar, lime juice and fish sauce: Somtam Thai it is!
Which one us your favorite?